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As PHOTOGRAPHERS and people, we are all life-long learners​  who love nature and human nature.

 Jon Lanbroa is a collective formed by two artists, Jon Z. and Ixa Lanbroa.


Telling stories with photos after catching the moment, makes us smile. Drawing in our mind before taking a photography, breaking the rules in different ways to create, to extrapolate techniques and artistic subjects, to observe for a pretty long while, and walking on the edge of a painting and photography is our day to day.

We respect people who work using Photoshop but we don't want it.  We love mistakes and sometimes we look for them. In our opinion, that is the only way to improve.

We studied Biology Degree at University, MA and Ph.D. in Journalism in Basque Country and UK. Since we left Uni, our life has been filled with trips, wildlife, our family and obviously Photography..

Further training, workshops, seminars, professional and expert's courses around the world.

From Basque Country to Japan: nonconformist, perceptive, daring and critical, is our understanding of Photography. 

What would life be like without rock climbing, learning, people who love and Photography?


We believe in Art's possibility to create metaphors, different visions of the world and new ways of preserving our Mother Earth and fighting for human dignity.



© 2011 Jon Lanbroa Photography / Call (+34)94 627 77 14 /

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